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LA CASTELLAMONTE di Roberto Perino & Silvana Neri

In the history of Castellamonte there’s the presence of a “red thread” that has united many generations: it is the continuity of working with clay, natural raw material, extracted from the local caves and used for the construction of functional and decorative objects.
Silvana Neri and Roberto Perino owners of “La Castellamonte Stufe”, which has been working for a long time in the field of Artistic Handcraft and which has obtained in 2001 the brand “Piedmont Handcraft Excellency”, have been able to preserve the ancient working techniques, creating high quality products, reinterpreting and adapting them to the renewed demands of a modern human existence.

So were born the ceramic stoves, produced under the brand “La Castellamonte”, wood or pellet burning, in which experience from tradition and innovative technology are united, in full respect of environment and safety.
These stoves fit harmoniously, thanks to the variety of colors and the pleasant appearance of the decorations, in every room, both furnished with classic style furniture or modern cutting edge design.

In 2010 La Castellamonte is launching a new production of stoves of Design, in collaboration with the Turin studio Adriano Design, already known for several successful interventions in the world of industrial design.

The Stack Stoves collection wins the Design Plus in 2011 and 2013 in Frankfurt, in occasion of the International ISH Fair and receives the Honorable Mention of the Golden Compass ADI Design Index in 2014. Acclaimed by the international press, that recognizes the formal and technological innovation, Stack Stoves rekindled passion for the Italian ceramic stove in the world, becoming a new icon of contemporary design as reinterpretation of the ancient art of Castellamonte.

La Castellamonte, within Artistic Ceramic, beside the ancient recipes and the objects dear to tradition, produces tableware with innovative design, using natural materials, with extreme care.

It also counts among its products architectural tilesfor indoor and outdoor use, frost-resistant, which are the result of a particular search both in the artistic and technological field. Panels, tiles, vases, columns, balustrades, chimneys, roof tiles, ornamental friezes are produced both for the restoration of old churches and houses and as a natural complement to the beauty of the new buildings.


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